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DIET CET Key 2012 – DIET CET Initial Key 2012 Published for DIET CET Key 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIET CET key 2012 is published now. DIET CET initial key 2012 is released on July 19 at dietcet.cgg.gov.in, official website of District Institutes of Education and Training, Elementary Teacher Training Institutes, Common Entrance Test 2012.

DIET CET key 2012 is published for Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. DIET CET initial key 2012 is released for Set A, B, C and D.

DIET CET key 2012 can be downloaded from: http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/initial.html for SET A, B, C and D.

DIET CET Key 2012 for Tamil:

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TAMIL_INITIAL_KEY-A.pdf SET A

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TAMIL_INITIAL_KEY-B.pdf SET B

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TAMIL_INITIAL_KEY-C.pdf SET C

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TAMIL_INITIAL_KEY-D.pdf SET D

DIET CET Key 2012 for Telugu:

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TELUGU_INITIAL_KEY-A.pdf SET A

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TELUGU_INITIAL_KEY-B.pdf SET B

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TELUGU_INITIAL_KEY-C.pdf SET C

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/TELUGU_INITIAL_KEY-D.pdf SET D

DIET CET Key 2012 for Urdu:

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/URDU_INITIAL_KEY-A.pdf SET A

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/URDU_INITIAL_KEY-B.pdf SET B

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/URDU_INITIAL_KEY-C.pdf SET C

http://dietcet.cgg.gov.in/INITIAL_KEY/URDU_INITIAL_KEY-D.pdf SET D

So, DIET CET primary key 2012 is released for Tamil, Telugu and Urdu for SET A, B, C and D.


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