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Duplicate K D Pathak against K D Pathak in Adaalat on Sony TV

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adaalat on Sony TV
K D Pathak is seen in the jail in the recent episode of Adaalat. He is arrested in the charge of murder case. This episode was featured with Gaurav Chopra, participant of Pati Patni Aur Woh.

K D Pathak is brought in the court room. He challenges prosecutor (Gaurav Chopra). He got ready to fight for his defense. Now, the case is introduced by the prosecutor.

He tries to prove that K D Pathak killed Manoj Narang in Adaalat on Sony TV. He produced many evidences against K D. He starts from the Manoj Narang’s tower. He reveals a video footage of KD’s car. He calls security guard. The guard was in the favor of the prosecutor.

The prosecutor called Mrs. Narang also to prove him a killer. She also goes against K D Pathak. He proved KD as a killer of Mr. Narang. He reveals final footage of Naran’g murder. KD shoots Narang in the video in Adaalat.

Now, KD had to prove that he is not a killer in Adaalat. It was very difficult for him. But he tells the truth. He was in a langue with Jhilmil and Manjul Punjabi that day. He calls Caston to prove his presence but he also tells a lie. He calls waiter but he also denies his presence.

Now, KD calls Manjul Punjabi but he also ignores his presence with him in Adaalat. It was the very difficult situation for KD Pathak. There was no hope now except Jhilmil. He calls him and asks to tell everyone about his presence with him. But Jhilmil also denies it.

Ms. Villomari tries to convince that K D was with Jhilmil but no one listens to her. She tries to produce evidence but that was also changed. Finally, K D Pathak is proved as a murderer. He is sentenced for the whole life.

How will KD handle the case? Will he be able to prove his innocence? Will duplicate K D Pathak come out? Watch Adaalat every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM in India. It is an investigating Show like CID Dhoom.