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Shadow 2009 Reviews - Shadow Movie Review 2009 – Shadow Hindi Movie 2009 Releases

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shadow 2009 Movie
Shadow is not a new name in the film industry. We can say it is a very old name in entertainment world. Shadow is known as darkness also in other word. In Hindi, Shadow is known as Parchhain or Chhaya. Shadow can follow an image, a person or a thing. In the Hindi movie Shadow, we also watch a bad outline of a person or team. It is a crime and thriller movie. On this theme, we have already watched many movies in Hindi and English both.

Shadow Hindi movie 2009 is all about a murder mystery and gang war. In this movie Sonali Kulkarni (Sanjana Rajpoot) play a role of police officer. She has to solve a serial murder case but it is still unsolved. Murder is still continued in the way of Shadow and case is being more complicated.

Nasir Khan (Arjun Sherawat) is the victim of suspected murderer and a mystery. He is in effective role of Shadow. He always says, “Namumkin ko mumkin banane ke liye hi log Arjun Sherawat ko Muh mangi kimat dete hai…” He is very dangerous person who commit each victim alone. He is blind.

We have already watched the same movie in 2002 – Aankhen. In the Aankhen 2002 Hindi movie, Akshay Kumar and Arjun Ram Pal had played a great role in the bank robbery. They were under training of Susmita Sen. Amitabh Bachchan was in leading role to commit the victim. They played great role in spite of their blindness.

So, do you think that Shadow is quite new movie and it has created a blind crime in the world of entertainment? I don’t think so.

There is already a Hollywood movie with the same name – The Shadow (1994). It is also on the same story of Bollywood Shadow. Rottentomatoes.com writes about The Shadow (1994) movie,
“A moody and atmospheric crime film, inspired by a popular radio show that ran for over 25 years. In another, better time, crime boss Lamont Cranston, using the name Ying Ko, ruled Tibet's underworld. Then someone slashed him with a strange and powerful weapon, changing Cranston forever, both physically and psychically. Now, he lurks in the shadows of Manhattan, battling gangsters -- including one particularly evil man who has followed him from Tibet.”
So, it is clear that The Shadow (1994) also leads a story of crime.

As per the movie synopsis, we have already known that The Shadow was inspired by a popular radio show.

Now, come to the Shadow 2009 Hindi movie. It is also inspired by many Hindi and English movie. Hrishitaa Bhatt (Sheetal) has played a role of press reporter as a passionate and dedicated. She is very smart and knows every thing about case inside out.

Milind Soman (Rahul) is also a reporter. He is also very smart and follows the case very closely. He is doing a perfect role in Shadow after 16 December 2002 Hindi movie. He asks many questions Arjun. He is following Arjun but nothing can do because Arjun is obviously blind in crime. Arjun Sherawat is doing everything by informing the team of Sheetal.

Now, audiences have to watch dynamics, action, murder mystery and a confusing character of Arjun Sherawat in Shadow 2009. As a director Rohit Nayyar has selected new faces for this movie.

Just I read the review of The Shadow (1994) by movies.nytimes.com,
“You know what evil lurks in the hearts of men because you have seen it in your own heart… Without the daring to exploit Cranston's latent attraction to evil, "The Shadow" isn't anything like a great picture. But it offers a diverting, nostalgic retreat to the innocent days when crime fighting was a pleasant, rich man's hobby.”
So, here also the Shadow is just like as crime story.

In the mid of Kaminey movie and Love Aaj Kal do you think Shadow will get any popularity? I am not going to confuse anyone. It is not a thrilling movie also like Agyaat. I just asked about it because we have already watched many dialog, action and story on this theme. What is new in the movie? There is no big face also in this movie. So, I expect it is thrilling, crime, action and adventure movie but it is not a popular movie. In the last month I watched Luck movie. It was also an action movie but it was not a successful movie. So, Shadow is waiting audience responses on 21st August, 2009.