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Grand Finale India's Got Talent - COLORS TV Announces Grand Finale Winner of Maruti Suzuki Presents India's Got Talent

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grand Finale Winner of India Got Talent

Just now, COLORS TV announces grand finale winner of Maruti Suzuki Presents India's Got Talent reality TV show. Today, I enjoyed much with grand finale India's Got Talent. Nikhil Chinappa and Ayushmann Khurana, anchor of the show had already announced to declare winner of India Got talent at 11PM but it is about 12AM when the winner announces.

COLORS TV declares its grand finale winner of Maruti Suzuki Presents India's Got Talent to Prince Dance Group. They got 50 lakh rupees check and a RITZ car of Maruti Suzuki. There were another two finalists who got Bajaj 135 DTSi bike - M Sonic and Yogesh Malviya & Group.

First show of India's Got Talent was aired on COLORS TV channel on 27th June, 2009 and from that time we have watched various talents on single platform. India Got Talent Hunar Hi Winner Hai or Maruti Suzuki Presents India's Got Talent Hunar Hi Winner Hai is reality TV show in India to show the real and unique talent on this platform.

It is COLORS TV channel which create a history in media group by the show. First time in India, this type of show has been arranged which got the most popularity. On India’s Got Talent reality TV show thousands of contestants participated for audition but some became participants. The TV show gave a chance to show (Hunar) talent to India by the platform. It was divided into group or individual. All participants were the best but only 10 finalists got the positions in semi final. One wild card entry was allowed so; there were total 11 semi finalists.

On the India’s Got Talent platform, we watched circus, paintings, dance, singing, Yoga, Malkhamb, music and various cultures of India in the form of art. So, it was basically a platform to show real talent in the art form. We have watched Chhote Miyan Bade Miyan and Chhote Miyan Chapter 2 comedy TV show on COLORS. It was one of the perfect comedy shows but surly, it had limitation. You should know that India’s got talent reality TV show had no limitation of talents. From the every aspect of life, culture and art, people had participated in India’s got talent reality TV show.

Yes, I am telling you about grand finale of “India’s got talent” reality TV show. So, we should know about all 11 finalists here.

Piyush Rajani and the Fine Tuners: On the India’s got talent TV show platform the group presented Fine Tuners bands. They were perfect to show a great music on the dishes, plates and bands also.

Prince Dance Group: The group was perfect to show every expression in their paintings and art. They were perfect group on India’s got talent platform who won the winner prizes.

Vaishnavi Patil: She was a perfect 9 years old girl to show the dance talent. She was perfect in Lavani dance. She was just like a small doll.

Rohan & Group: The group was specialist to perform hip-hop dance. They were 13 students and Rohan was in leading role. He was a professional choreographer also.

Mandeep Singh and Group: The group was perfect to show Punjabi Bhangra in dance form.

M Sonic: The group performed all about music and song. The group also won the prize of Bajaj 135 DTSI bike.

Satyajit Padhye: He was a qualified person in CA but professionally occupied as a ventriloquist and puppeteer. He was master to show Puppet Arts in the show.

Rajesh Amrale: on the platform of India’s got talent, the guy showed a new type of Yoga which is known as Malkhamb.

Aslam Khan & Group: The group presented a fabulous classical song and music on the India’s got platform.

Sneha Kapoor & Richard Tholoor: Sneha and Richard were perfect in dance. They had great talent in dancing.

Yogesh Malviya & Group: on the show of India’s got talent, the group showed their rope riding talent. The group was perfect in Malkhamb talent also.

So, all these group had own specialty and vividness. They were finalist contestants but finally Prince Dance Group won the grand finale of India’s got talent. All the groups had shown their talent in the form of art. It was the specialty of the TV show.

At last, on the grand finale of India’s got talent, it was great fun today. There were many celebrities and new shows to introduce. On the grand finale of India’s got talent, Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee were also presented as a guest. Finally, India’s got talent gave us full entertainment and enjoyment as a reality TV show which was never before.

Shahid and Rani on Grand Finale of India's Got Talent

Rohan & Group on Grand Finale of India's Got Talent

Price Dance Group on Grand Finale of India Got Talent